Gesellschaft Helvetia - Hungaria

Dear Simone, Jeanette, Louis and all the supporters!

Thank you very much, especially on behalf of the beneficiaries for the 3000CHF support.

The following individuals and communities benefited from the support:

Supply and medicines for the incoming refugees in Ásotthalom:   1750CHF

All the help was given in collaboration with the parish priest of Ásotthalom.

Many refugees still come to the parish to ask for help.

There they can get help in the form of foodstuffs, medical equipment, medicines and children and adult clothing.

The farms on the area of Ásotthalom, who suffer accidental damage by the refugees:   700CHF

With this we helped four family whose field and greenhouses has been damaged, their vegetables and fences has been distroyed.

Families of Kárpátalja whose men has been involved in the Russian - Ukrainian war, so they cant provide for their families:  550CHF

From this money 10 families received food donations.

 Szeged, 2015 April 23

Thank you

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Vielen Dank den Spendern !